Saturday, August 11, 2007

Book Review: IT and the East (HBS Press, 2007) by James M. Popkin and Partha Iyer

The best business book on the competitive stature of India, China, and China-India! A must read for executives who want to stay relevant in today’s global marketplace. India and China are two superpowers in the making. IT and the East (by James M. Popkin and Partha Iyer, HBS Press, 2007) provides a detailed, honest, practical, and futuristic examination of the operating environments of these two nations. In addition, this book describes the potential symbiotic environment that might develop if India and China strengthen their cooperative relationships.

I must repeat, this is a must read!

The book is detailed, with a lot of information, which the average manager is unaware of. For instance, information on the infrastructural challenges in India or the potential of lack of future skilled (qualified) resources in India! The book is practical in that it offers managers a set of activities and interventions that they might (and should) consider. For example, how does one build competencies for market development or research and development in India and China? The authors use their crystal ball and chart out possible scenarios to guide managers as to how these two countries, and the relationships between them, might advance in the next five years.

The book is easy to read, well-structured, and has adequate illustrations which superbly capture the textual details. The book begins by examining China. Chapter 1 paints a sobering picture of the challenges faced by this global superpower. Chapter 2 details the IT infrastructure issues in China. Chapter 3 outlines the courses that China might embark on to 2012. The authors assign probabilities to each of these courses and outline guideposts that can be monitored to gauge outcomes. Chapters 4-6 conduct a similar exposition of India. Chapter 7 argues for the concept of ChinIndia that is seen as the r outcome if the two superpowers expand their collaboration powers. Chapter 8 details why ChinIndia is a real possibility and what are the driving forces behind this. Chapter 9 outlines priorities for organizations who want to be relevant in terms of competing in India or China, or ChinIndia, and even tapping into this growing marketplace for resources.

Overall, An excellent book….

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