Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kaufmann Foundation collection on Strategic Sourcing: A New Way to Think about Outsourcing

I was interviewed for the lead article for the Kaufmann Foundation collection on Strategic Sourcing: A New Way to Think about Outsourcing. A summary of the collection: Using a combination of theory, practice, and real-life stories of entrepreneurs like you, this Collection surveys how outsourcing can best serve today’s entrepreneur, president, or CEO. Which functions make the most sense to outsource? How can you use the practice as a strategy? What pitfalls and possibilities do you face when you turn over important business operations to an “outsider”? Entrepreneurs and experts supply answers to these essential questions and others. Smart entrepreneurs now think about the practice as “strategic sourcing”: It can be an invaluable investment that reduces opportunity costs and leverages the primary skills and talents that truly drive the business. Key point: Outsourcing should now be on the inside at entrepreneurial companies, occupying a seat at the growth strategies table.


See the following: Desouza, K.C. “Outsourcing and Opportunity,” [Lead Article] in Strategic Sourcing: A New Way to Think about Outsourcing, Kansas City, MO: Kauffman Foundation, August 28, 2007.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Review of Reinventing Project Management: The Diamond Approach to Successful Growth and Innovation (Harvard Business School Press, 2007)

Reinventing Project Management proposes a novel approach to managing projects. The diamond approach takes into account the four critical determinants of projects: novelty, technology, complexity, and pace. The authors describe the use of their model through the use of vivid examples and case studies. The book also covers topics such as managing projects for innovation and project alignment with internal and external organizational forces. Overall, I found the book interesting to read. However, I must say that while the book has substantial material presented, not all of it is novel or groundbreaking. Most of the material is repeated from previous works of established authors and is already common knowledge to most project managers. But, for the novice project manager this is a great book…