Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coppa del mondo - Campioni Azzuri!!!

Coppa del mondo - Campioni Azzuri!!!...

Managers of innovation projects can learn a lot from the game of football. For one, managers can only prepare and train their employees to be innovative; however they cannot lead the innovation program. Once the whistle blows, it is up to the players on the field to decide how to be innovative! The leadership for innovation falls on the shoulder of every player and in certain respects on the team captain. Second, as witnessed by the championship game, you can only plan for so much. The emergent complexities on the field need to be addressed as they occur. Hence, it is always more important to instill sound principles and values, rather than to train for every possible situation that might occur. Fourth, agility and stamina are critical ingredients in building a sound innovation program. Finally, victories are sweet, especially when they come at the most opportune time.

But most of all, managers who want to be innovative need to embrace hobbies so that they can distract themselves from the daily work and embrace new sources of creativity…For me, it is the game of Football (or Futbol)…Cheers!

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